Art Deco walnut clock
Art Deco Walnut

Art Deco walnut clock


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Art Deco walnut clock

Our Art Deco walnut clock dates from 1920s – 30s. The post 1st World War period saw many style changes. Art Nouveau of the 1890s to 1910 period evolved into a new style that is associated with Hollywood.

Don’t confuse the make of this one with Smiths of Enfield. The Enfield Clock Company was set up in the late 1920s to make clocks along German lines. It was taken over by Smiths in 1933 and by late 1940s it was known as Smiths of England: By 1950 the name Smiths Enfield Clocks appeared.

Our clock pre-dates that development and comparing the dial with the picture below, you will see the identical logo. You mighty also notice the same design of hand. So this is Smiths from Cricklewood, London.

Art Deco walnut clock


The movement is constructed more along the lines of a travelling alarm clock with a jewelled balance wheel lever escapement.  That means there is no pendulum and the clock will work regardless of position or inclination.

Smiths (Cricklewood) clocks were never aimed at the mass market and in fact, the bolder sorts of Art Deco design were generally aimed more up market. They also made clocks that were more akin to instruments like speedometers, oil pressure gauges etc.

It is likely that the movement was originally designed for used in cars and aircraft and the walnut case was a diversification into the domestic market.

It was cleaned and overhauled in our workshop and is now in excellent working order.

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