Buy Antique Clocks

Buy Antique Clocks

Welcome to our on-line Antique Clock Shop. We sell clocks that were made before the end of the nineteenth century but we specialise in longcase clocks which are mostly made in the period 1680s to 1850s: Occasionally we can offer other early clocks. Please click Enter the Shop to explore our range of clocks.

Buy antique clocks


Why Buy antique clocks?

Antique clocks as investments?

For the investor, the Capital Gains Tax rules that apply to wasting assets mean that antique clocks are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.  Check the rules with your tax adviser.

Antique clocks as decorative cultural heritage

Clocks made before 1840 are hand-made: The clock-maker usually making each part and then assembling all the parts into one clock. With the rise of the modern world in the mid-1800s with consumerism and mas production, huge amounts of clocks were produced for the emerging classed society.

We are clock restorers rather than antique traders but we cater for investor who are interested in acquiring quality horological heritage artefacts.

From time to time we accumulate other worthy old clocks which we overhaul and restore ourselves and offer for sale.

There are clocks for all budgets, from serious investment clocks of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries to late nineteenth century shelf clocks (sometimes called mantle clocks).

We specialise in longcase clocks with up to three dozen available for purchase at any time. Contact us to make an appointment to look at clocks and discuss options.

All the  clocks that we sell are fully overhauled prior to sale. We deliver and set up the clock in its new home and provide some guidance about regular winding, care and maintenance.




Buy antique clocks

For background information, about longcase clocks, refer to Maintaining Longcase Clocks, published by Crowood Press in July 2013

For any other information about clocks look at the Irish Horological Craft Forum web-site or contact the secretary

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