We run weekend clock restoration courses. We also sell and restore longcase clocks.

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Due to difficulties with our website arising from the arrangements whereby the site was set up ostensibly by the service provider, Mediaone, apparently apparently without their knowledge, using a company credit card, again, apparently without their knowledge. We must regrettably close our site down.  This is a sad consequence for us but some of the content will be hosted by www.oldchairs.ie

The content will gradually migrate over the next couple of months to https://www.oldchairs.ie/antique-clocks-watches/

Antique clock repair or restoration should be appropriate to the age, status and value of the clock. Sometimes for the rarer and more valuable, conservation is a consideration.

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Karo restores all types of mechanical clock using traditional methods. The restoration methods we use are basically the same as the original construction methods. Careful antique clock restoration entails historical reseach, and detailed record keeping so that future conservers will understand our part of the legacy of historical repair work.


We give tuition and run courses on all aspects of antique clock restoration, including clock cases, veneers and French polish etc. In addition we run courses in clock repair, clock case repair, country chair making etc. 

We’re always happy to answer any question and queries to do with antique clock repair and restoration. We also give advise about furniture styles, dating, market values and trends.

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Apart from antique clock repair Karo also works on clock cases , especially the cases of longcase (grandfather) clocks: Nigel and Karo have written a book about making and repairing clock cases to be published by Crowood Press in mid 2015.

We are both professional status committee members of the Irish Horological Craft Forum

Clocks need regular servicing to keep them in good working order and prolong life: If your clock is due for  its regular overhaul and lubrication contact us and  we can talk over what’s involved.

Almost all mechanical clocks could now be considered as historically significant. We prefer to specialise in rare and valuable horological heritage items where the precise rules and protocols of restoration and conservation apply.

For general clock repairs we recommend Austin Jordan in the Dublin / Kildare area, Maurice Keenan in the North Midlands and Raymond Farrelly in NI

We are happy to give advice about any antique clock re[air and restoration work and explain the cost.

Antique Sourcing – Auctions

If you need to source a piece of antique furniture, contact us and we’ll help you find it. We recommend pieces at auction and we’ll give you a quotation for restoration before you bid.

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jenniferAbsolutely brilliant weekend, loved the antiques, the history & Pepie’s food! Would recommend to anybody!

stephThank you for one very special weekend. Thrilled silly with my chair. I will be a pain telling all on Sunday “Did you see my chair”. Thank you again.

john-burkeThank you both for a great weekend. An enlightening experience and full of enjoyment & good conversation! Thanks Pepie and Nigel.